Clicker Tower RPG 3

Clicker Tower RPG 3

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Just by clicking on the enemy it gets stronger and stronger and moves on and on!
It is the third volume of easy role-playing game which was not likely to be possible.

As you explore the existing houses and towers on the map, while searching for treasure boxes, you will defeat the enemies, raise the level and collect money, while defeating the boss, you will move forward while searching for other towers.

Just battle with enemies by tapping enemies.
Easy to play by anyone, with a feeling like clicker system + Hakusura system, which was not likely to be possible.

Items to be acquired from the treasure box are effective only by having it, and you can check the effect from the ITEM menu.

How To Play

- Start from the hero's home. I will go look for it because my pet has gone.

- As you leave the house, a tower is built next to your house, so you can tap the tower into the inside.

- There are treasure boxes on each floor in the tower, so if you find a treasure box, let's open it.

- Normally, you tap the enemy to raise the level while defeating it, and advance it to win the strong enemy at the upper floor.

- Increase in level steadily. Level up one in one minute. Gradually the level up speed also rises. It gets stronger!

- In order to quickly level up and gather gold, "REFRESH" button which can revive enemies of the floor with one shot is installed!
- When entering SHOP, you can buy various parameters to be up at the time of the level up by money.

- There are a few puzzlement factors to find a treasure box.

- Even if it gets destroyed, it is safe because it is just returned to your home as it is with the items and status you acquired.

About parameters

It is physical fitness. 0 happens when the game is over.

An attack force. It increases the damage to the increase When the enemy.

It is a defense force. It reduces the damage from the increase When the enemy.

It is agility. You can attack faster than the enemy and increase.

It is luck. It makes it easier to critical hit and more.

Is the level. It goes up when the various parameters will increase little by little.

It is money. You can various parameters up in the SHOP.

It is experience. Decremented and defeat the enemy, and level up when it comes to 0.

For main items

HP will recover with the passage of time

HP will be restored at the time of level up

It will be able to attack in the tap and leave

Increases to obtain it GOLD

Experience value that can be acquired will increase

The damage at the time of a critical hit increases. When you acquire a lot, the damage increases more by that much.

GOLD increases every second. If you acquire a lot, GOLD will increase more by that much.

The upper limit of GOLD possessed by GOLD increases. If you acquire a lot, the upper limit of GOLD will be increased accordingly.

It is necessary in order to defeat the flame of the same color

I'd like to fit in a place that fits the shape.

In addition, there seem to be items necessary for defeating various bosses, items necessary for moving, items to destroy specific things, and so on.


Bug Fix.


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