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Dodge Them All-hardest 2d game

Dodge Them All-hardest 2d game

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


"jump dodge, run dodge, slide dodge, just dodge dodge dodge!"

If you had play the "Don't Stop Eighth Note" sound control game and "No Humanity" already, don't missed out this game also

"Dodge Them All" is another weird design and fun 2D action platformer games

Similar like "Don't Stop Eighth Note" and "No Humanity", need your high control skill in the for getting the most highest score

Unique dodging game in 2d platformer - you are hard to find another similar dodge game such like "Dodge Them All"

This is a weird and senseless game ever before, one thing you need to do in "Dodge Them All" is controlling your shadow character (or it is a stick ninja?) to slide, run and jump to dodge through all the shadow trap attack.

All the shadow trap attack will kill your shadow character (or it is really a stick ninja?) when they touch any place of your character, only one life for your character to gain the survive time in one game round, need your reaction and precision to "dodge them all", after those trap hit you only continue once again. Try survive more than 40 seconds from all the trap attack.

Dodge more the shadow trap and get more high score, you can check back the highest score in the highest score page and share it with your friends.

Don't smash your phone when you die once and once again. Don't let this game make you stress, I sure that "Dodge Them All" will train your temper. If always die quickly and don't want tried again, try another way like "watch video to continue" function, you can continue the game after finished watching a video.

"Dodge Them All" will automatically switch the shadow trap attack in time, be careful and fast control your shadow character (or it is a stick ninja?) to dodge all the shadow trap

In game, "Dodge Them All" background color switch after around each 5 seconds

"Dodge Them All" Now available in two mode: Missile Mode and Full Mode
Missile Mode: Only appear the missile type trap, another shadow trap will be turn off
Full Mode: appear all the randomly trap
*Full Mode will be harder to play than Missile Mode

Another trap mode will be release in new version.

If you feel the background music is too noise you can turn off it

Now download "Dodge Them All" to your phone, I believe this is the most hardest and weird dodge game in 2D platformer ever before in your phone.

But if you can get higher score in "Don't Stop Eighth Note" and "No Humanity", I think this game is no hard for you




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Last Updated on 2017-04-02