Zoo Hair Salon
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Zoo Hair Salon

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New Zoo Hair Salon has opened! Tiger, Zebra, Penguin and Elephant are the first four cute hairy clients waiting for hair and style makeover. Play creative pet stylist in your own Zoo Hair Salon and design super fun animal looks!

Each of these little animals like to change their haircuts and style. If you want to help them, use your professional hairdresser tools and costumes from the big fashion wardrobe. Enjoy your new zoo adventure: cut and shave fur, shampoo, dry and color hair, and dress up your favorite pet in style!


Tiger is a really trendy pet at the zoo and she likes to change her style everyday. She likes to paint her stripes in new bright colors from yellow to green and dress up with new hats and bracelets. Choose new colors that suit her fur and don't forget to get the right fashion accessories when you create a new style for Tiger!

Little Zebra loves to play in the zoo meadow full of herbs and small shrubs. Help her get rid of thorns so she could play again. Remember, she goes to Zoo Hair Salon to take care of her hairstyle and choose new accessories after her every playing time!

Penguin comes to Zoo Hair Salon when he is a little bit messy. Help him clean up! Penguin prefers classic style and likes to try new amazing colors. Dress him in different suits, top hats, briefcases, glasses and monocles. Penguin also loves to shave his arctic fur and get a new hairstyle to complete the new looks!

He has a big ears. He has a long nose. He is a little Elephant! When other zoo animals make their styles, Elephant doesn't wait and joins them. Zoo Hair Salon has shower, professional tools for his hair and a big fashion wardrobe. Style Elephant and find him the best teenage clothes, sunglasses and baseball caps!

Open your virtual easel and color the new zoo animal - lovely and cute red panda!

Play Zoo Hair Salon every day and you will get a daily bonus – extra coins!

Cute animals love watching TV while having a hair spa! Watch short videos together and earn more coins!

Take good care of your new zoo pets and you will get a sticker every time you reach a new level. Collect 5 stickers and create a beautiful zoo picture of them!

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  • File Size: 35.40MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: TutoTOONS Kids Games

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