Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire



Welcome to Alliance: Heroes of the Spire, the latest action-packed RPG! Collect powerful Heroes and create the perfect superhero team. Gather your Alliance to challenge fearsome enemies, develop cunning strategies, and clash with other players to prove your strength!

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is available in 7 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Collect and Upgrade:
● Over 400 unique Heroes available to build your ultimate team
● Craft Heroes to continue expanding your collection
● Ascend your Heroes to unlock strong new Skills
● Skill Up your Heroes to make them more potent in combat
● Choose from 19 unique Equipment sets which provide bonuses to your Heroes
● Combine Equipment sets for epic bonuses
● Socket Jewels to make your Equipment even more powerful

● Continue your battles when you are away from the game with Offline Battle Mode!
● Face off against the elements of Fire, Water, Nature, Order, Chaos, and Shadow
● Optimize team strategy based on Hero Skill synergies
● Explore countless Rifts and claim their treasure
● Defeat mythical boss encounters for legendary rewards
● Conquer other players in the Arena and Tournament

Hero Events:
● Fight Heroes from many worlds for a chance to secure their allegiance and summon them to your Barracks
● Progress through Hero Event Rifts to try your hand at obtaining the most powerful Heroes in all of Fracture
● New Heroes released each month!

Alliance War:
● Battle against two other Alliances to seize control of territory
● Hold your position on the battlefield to earn Banners for your Alliance and secure victory
● Earn rewards for your entire Alliance - the higher you place, the better the spoils of war!
● Climb through the ranks to fight against the toughest Alliances in Fracture

Co-op Dungeons:
● Grab an Alliancemate and take down the strongest bosses in Fracture together
● Challenge yourself to conquer higher floors of the Co-op Dungeon for better rewards!
● Equip your Heroes with Crowns and Crown Jewels to boost their strength further

● Join an Alliance, or create one of your own
● Level up your Alliance to unlock additional benefits for all members
● Share your latest strategies and Hero builds with other players
● Challenge Alliancemates and friends to PvP duels
● Make new friends across all of Fracture!


Lost Dungeon: The Keeper’s Forest (3/22-4/18): Corruption has spread in the latest Lost Dungeon, and nothing is safe beneath the boughs! Battle the Keeper for Artifacts and Titanguard equipment, but find a way around his minions or you may be tangled in the roots forever!

Hero Event: Mechanical Marauders (3/22-3/28): The Mechborn are invading Fracture! The Iron Sentry pushes forth for battle, and the only thing standing in its path is the Elder Prophet! But the Mechborn have brought some heavy hitters, and the Hammerfist is here to make sure that the Mechborn succeed!

Nature Festival (3/22-3/28):The Nature Festival returns! Enter the Velde and the World Tree to collect Spring Leaves; find Magic Leaves in the Nature Temple, Lifesilk Dungeon, and Titanguard Dungeon; and power up your Nature Heroes to let Nature bloom!

New Heroes:
Hammerfist (5 Star): Beat your opponents to a pulp with the powerful Hammerfist!
Elder Prophet (4 Star): Grant your allies potent Heal Over Time effects with the Elder Prophet!
Iron Sentry (3 Star): Bombs away! The Iron Sentry makes an explosive entry!

New Shadow Heroes:
Oathbow: Bo-Suk, the Forgotten Oath speeds into battle!
Rusthound: X.R.A.Y. the Pack Leader rallies the troops!

Major Co-Op Update: The Co-op dungeon will display a results/rewards dialog before launching combat, and allow you to skip watching visualized combat entirely. This should help players on older devices who have experienced performance issues when trying to watch co-op dungeon runs.

Fixed issue with hero event complete/progress buttons were not clickable.
Fixed corrupted shadows on hero rift and coop regions on some devices.
Fixed sharing summon gif to device.
Fixed issue with collecting inbox items really fast.
Improved messaging on when certain regions are locked and how to unlock them.
Improved messaging on selecting Equipment on Heroes
Fix: Chat messages sent on alliance gem contribute.
Minstrel ‘Defensive Aura’ has been renamed ‘Damage Reduction Aura’, for clarity
Planeshifter Assassin ‘Fan Of Knives’ ability no longer ignores Evasion and passive On Hit effects




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