Color Switch
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Color Switch

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Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle as well as your ball will Color Switch with a few powerups.
You have to stick to the color pattern on every obstacle to mix it !
Take care not to go through the incorrect color, or You need to start again.
- New game mode : Gravity
- New game mode : Split
- 185 new levels
- Tutorial (launch at the first game for new players)
- 15 new balls (to unlock with stars and levels)
- Bug fix (challenges 125-150 balls, rework on some challenges too hard...)
- Stable build compared to previous one
- More mobiles and tablets support now
The game has two gameplay modes: one is Challenge and the other is Race. In challenge mode, there are hundreds of levels to beat. The objective is the same, get through the obstacles and cross the finish line. In the race mode, you need to do the same thing, but in the fastest time possible so that you beat the other balls.

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