Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins

Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins

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In the far north, the Wall of Wonders stood tall as the sky. Isolating a world where guardians, beasts and diverse creatures exists in harmony. The Wall was unmoved and unscathed through the test of time. Until one fateful day, the wall cracked open and unveiled the unseen Northern World. Humanity received a grim reminder about the dangers of the unknown.

Challenge yourself! Summon the Guardians to be The Last Hope of Humanity!
Fight Garashid's curse! Form a squad and destroy the enemies.

This is your fate...

A Challenging Journey!
Journey with Stein and the Squad beyond the Wall of Wonders to save the World!

Create your Squad and complete the Quest!
Form a team of Heroes and strategize to defeat powerful opponents!

Strong Equipment for Battle!
Earn items by completing Quests! Get on Store, by Crafting, or on Medal Shops!

Summon the Guardians
Team up with divine Guardians and summon for powerful skills and buffs!

Explore a NEW Fantasy World
Meet hundreds of unique Character with fascinating story! Immerse your imagination!

Battle for the Title! Conquer! Rumble! Guild Wars!
Destroy your enemies in the arena! Rumble your way to victory! Be the #1 Guild in WAR!

Game Features

◆ [NEW!!] Guild UPDATE!
Experience colossal battle with the toughest Guilds!
Stand toe to toe in war and attrition! Be the #1 Guild in WAR!

◆ Stand tall to be humanity's last hope
Stand tall to be humanity's last hope! Fight back with the Guardians!
Simmer the experience in battling the strongest enemies!

◆ Over 500,000 possible Team Combination
Strategize! Empower your Squad with Fate and Area Link System
Team battle with over half a million Squad combination

◆ Immense Story and Character Depth
Journey with your heroes and embark on a course changing destiny
Relish the familiar RPG style and savor the story unlike any other

◆ The Ultimate Fantasy Squad - Strategy & Plot
Entangle yourself with the awesome Characters and their profound backstory.
Establish your own Fantasy Squad with strategic team formation, combination to conquer vital plot!

◆ Real Time Battle FEVER
Jump start a NEW exciting game! Embark on a NEW World of dynamic Real-Time RPG Adventure!


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🔰 New Area!
➡ Chapter 7, The Cave of Memory is now OPEN!
➡ Added 12 new Heroes.
🔰 New [Resist] Skill!
➡ New skill [Resist] Added to new heroes and also other some heroes.
➡ Immune to all condition change for a set amount of time.
🔰 Changed Skill Balance!
➡ Upgraded or Changed Hero's skill, some heroes get new skill.
🔰 Ascend system for [Stein/Elisha]
➡ Using Crystal Eloring to Ascend [Stein/Elisha] will now raise their level cap by 2.
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  • 系统: 4.1及更高版本
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