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Sokoban Touch (Free)


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This is our traditional puzzle game have been loved since 1982.If it is too eazy for you, let me know.
We'll challenge your brain one after another.
If it is too tough for you, let me know, too.
It's pleasant for us.
Very profound and simple puzzle game Sokoban was born in 1982.
It became so popular that it was pirated.
However, an official version now makes its debut!
Hiroyuki Imabashi and the official Sokoban team continue to add on new challenges.
Features of Sokoban
- The rules are simple
- Simply carry all objects to their goals
- However, you can only push them
- It's not as easy as you think!
- There's no need to buy items in the game
- You don't need luck
- Only careful thinking will clear levels
That's what makes it so addictive, and an excellent way to pass the time
Please enjoy it for many years to come.
Thank you.

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这是最受欢迎的推箱子系列的结局,“第一步”。 包括两个惊人的水平集。我们希望每个谜题迷都能完成这个最伟大的第一步。当然,这些最新级别的套装也适合初学者!

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  • File Size: 14.43MB
  • Current Version: 2.11.2
  • Update Time: Apr 29, 2019
  • Developer: ThinkingRabbit

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