Just Get 10 - Seasons
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Just Get 10 - Seasons

合到10 - 根本停不下来 节日版

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  • Simplified Chinese
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Here comes the greatest puzzle game of our generation! Time to wake up your brain!
Enjoy the cute style! Super easy to play! Best time killer while waiting for the bus or on the toilet!
It can be as easy as pie, and hard enough to make Einstein mad. Find identical numbers in these colorful blocks, and combine them to get a larger number.
Once you start, you can barely stop!
How to play:
Tap on blocks next to each other with identical numbers. They float up, then tap again. They will combine to make a block with a larger number. Try to get a 10 or larger!
· Unlimited challenges
· Ten brand new UI themes
· Easy to play, hard to master
· Fresh and colorful graphics
· Smooth BGM tunes
· Supports Google Play accounts
· Share results to your friends
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Any suggestions, comments or criticisms are welcomed.
We will make constant efforts to improve the game and add new functions into it.
Follow us on twitter @JustGet10 and facebook.com/JustGet10!
Veewo Games

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So sorry about the black screen bug!
Now the bug has really been solved!
You guys can play the game now!
If you find any problem about the game please contact us at gp@veewo.com
Enjoy this game with 300000 players and join our high score competition on Facebook and Twitter!
* 6 Modes waiting for you to challenge.
* 7 Puzzle waiting for you to unlock.
* Challenge your friend on Facebook & GooglePlay
* New Grid
* Christmas Style
The Best Family games ever! Play with your baby boy and baby girl!

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  • File Size: 21.94MB
  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Update Time: Feb 20, 2017
  • Developer: Veewo Games
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Latest Version :5.5 Android:8.5

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  • 肆柒先生
    Played game for 2 hours 10 minutes

    这游戏真的是好玩,乍一眼看上去很像2048,但是玩法上有一些不同。这款游戏需要考虑一些条件,例如数字块要合成到哪里或者合成与否。游戏有5个不同的模式,每个模式都非常有特点。玩一局之后就会体验到这游戏的乐趣(已中毒)。经过2小时的奋斗。。。我合到了10 hhh


  • 不如回家吃红薯prpr
    Played game for 13 minutes


  • 羊八
    Played game for 2 minutes


  • 但为君故
    Played game for 44 minutes


  • 三辰鸢Viariny

    和2048 Threes!玛丽十世等同类的消除游戏 很容易上手但是要玩好很难 出现7之后难度陡增 建议大数字堆在底部纵向消除(玩过的大致都懂我的意思) 然后在夯实地基的情况下要留意上面下来的数字然后及时调整 风格很轻松 主题也很多而且不用氪金 虽然没有购买去广告服务也没有跳出过广告 一个挺好的小游戏 消磨时间神器!

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