Highway Bike Escape 2016
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Highway Bike Escape 2016

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Sometimes you need to take risks to survive!

This game will carry you away! There isn’t a second to stop and breathe when you’re racing from life threatening situations. Drive through breathtaking environments and extraordinary obstacles, but endure roads filled with all kinds of chaotic hindrances. Deathly flails, portcullises, huge hammers, and other heart-wrenching hurdles! This is your chance to unleash your inhibitions. Weave through the convoluted paths of the no-rules highway on your monster bike.

This endless highway bike escape game is all about having fun! Power up with each level, and with a variety of sports bike models to choose from, you can outdo your expectations in performing stunts. Boast your riding and racing skills! Don the coolest gear to match your prowess with style.

Highway Bike Escape 2016 Features:
•Unlock 4 different sports bikes
•Unlock exciting environments
•Upgrade the speed and brakes
•Enjoy the most epic gameplay
•Use the Nitro Boost to drive at incredibly high speeds
•Simple and smooth controls
•Amazing 3D graphics
•Realistic riding experience
•Let the bike be your vessel to greatness!

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• Unlock 4 different sports bikes
• Unlock exciting environments
• Upgrade the speed and brakes
• Enjoy the most epic gameplay
• Use the Nitro Boost to drive at incredibly high speeds
• Simple and smooth controls
• Amazing 3D graphics
• Realistic riding experience
• Highway environment to explore

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