Fire Truck Simulator 2016
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Fire Truck Simulator 2016

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Rescue all the citizens in need with your Fire Truck!
You’re a firefighter and the bells are ringing, you know what this means, fire. Maybe a lot, maybe something less. But the one thing that you can be sure off is that there is fire and with that, people that need your help. So step into your Fire Truck and rescue them!

Five Fire Trucks to collect and drive in!
Fire Truck Simulator 2016 has five different fire trucks for firefighter to collect and drive in. All of the fire trucks are very different, there is a truck for the dutch fire department, English fire department, American and more! A lot of variety is an already epic game!

Career or Free Ride, it is your choice!
The career mode has multiple Fire truck rescue missions in which you drive from your current position as a firefighter to the position where you are needed. You need to drive fast and avoid traffic while you are racing to the scene. Park your Fire Truck in the right way to let all the people come in to your fire truck and drive them to a safe spot before you start watering the scene.

Fire Truck Simulator 2016 Game Features :
▶ Become a real Firefighter!
▶ Collect and drive in five fire trucks!
▶ Career or Free Ride, it’s your own coice!
▶ Have fun!

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  • File Size: 48.82MB
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: MobileGames

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