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Grandma's Cakes

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Make and decorate wonderful cakes with Grandma using real recipes! Play in the kitchen and learn how to create an ANGEL CAKE, an APPLE PIE, a SACHERTORTE (chocolate cake) and a big WEDDING CAKE for a special event!
Dress up Grandma with your favorite chef clothes and play the cake of fortune to unlock new outfits!


- Pick your favorite cake: Angel Cake, Wedding Cake, Sachertorte or Apple Pie.
- Put ingredients in the cart.
- Follow the recipe on the blackboard.
- Mix ingredients.
- Use kitchen tools to mix the dough, cut the butter, peel the fruit, make a whipped cream, make the pastry cream, & much more!
- Put the cake in the oven & bake it.
- Decorate the cake & see the result!

Play the Cake of Fortune
Catch and collect all slices of the green cake and earn more coins. Complete all three levels!

Dress up Grandma
Choose from chef dresses, glasses, hats and shoes and dress up grandma with your favorite style. Take a picture and play again!

Grandma's Cakes is a beautiful cooking game for kids, toddlers and parents with real recipes inside. Choose your favorite cake or pie and make it at home with your family!

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  • File Size: 32.54MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Update Time: Apr 2, 2016
  • Developer: TutoTOONS Kids Games

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