Wolf Pack Attack 2016
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Wolf Pack Attack 2016

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the other side of the fight? (Or rather, bone?)

You are a formidable alpha wolf leading a pack of mighty comrades! The humans have done you an injustice by snatching your territory! What will you do? Demolish them! Hunt animals in the forest and right next door, frighten humans out of their wits. Pounce and attack, hunt and kill, grab and devour! The city is your playground, and your fellow animals and humans become your prey. Sharpen those enlarged canines and get ready to take revenge! Don’t let anyone--whether hunters or soldiers--get in the way of your survival in a beautiful 3D environment. Locate your prey using the radar and attack wildly. Unlock more powerful wolfs as you progress through the game and change your wolf skin if you want.

Wolf Pack Attack 2016 Features:
•Beautiful, vast city and forest environment
•Vibrant 3D graphics
•Cool background music
•Thrilling hunting challenges
•Realistic Wolf animations

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• Realistic Wolf animations.
• Beautiful, vast city environment
• Vibrant 3D graphics
• Animated People trying to escape from wolves
• Cool background music
• Thrilling hunting challenges
• 3 Different Types of Wolves To Choose

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