Smashy City - Monster Game
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Smashy City - Monster Game

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How much carnage can your monster create? Rampage through the city and smash it to rubble! Hatch a dragon, dinosaur or supersized monster and create a path of destruction nobody has seen before.

- Over 50 Monsters to unlock and wreck havoc with!
- Power up your monster and make it unstoppable!
- Take each monster into RAMPAGE mode, become indestructible, SMASH EVERYTHING in your path!
- How much destruction can you create in Smashy City?

Over 50 Giant Monsters to discover including Dragons, Dinosaurs, Apes, Spiders, Aliens, Kaiju and SO MUCH MORE!! Monster games have never looked crazier!

Smash the City to pieces with a line up of legendary monsters! Punch down buildings, smack down skyscrapers, bash houses to bits! The police, SWAT, and the army will try to stop you causing maximum destruction! Battle APCs, tanks, helicopters and more! How much City can you SMASH?!

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Monsters...SMASH!!! Rebuilt from the ground up, Bigger, Badder, BOLDER!

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  • File Size: 43.16MB
  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Update Time: Jun 2, 2020
  • Developer: Ace Viral

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