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Thank goodness you're here. Someone's caused a mess in the lab, and viruses and bacteria are running amok! Take control of the body’s defenses and protect the precious stem cell from the hordes. There's clearly something very ominous going on here, and we need to get to the bottom of it!

Antidote is an exciting strategy game inspired by science, which means it’s full of fresh new ideas. With 13 unique defenses at your control and lots of different ways to play, we guarantee you've never played anything like it before. It's easy to get started, but only the smartest and strongest will be able to defeat the final boss.

We know the subject area is a bit... icky... so we covered most of the slime with adorable characters and beautiful, challenging levels. Blame us if your friends get fed up of hearing how cute Cholera is...!

What's all this about science?
You've probably played games before that have inspired you and left you with a new passion, and even some real knowledge. Building space rockets, exploring history, being bread... they're all great. That's what we aim to provide with Antidote. You don't need to know anything about science to play and beat the game, but we guarantee that afterwards, you'll know more about it.

Free to play? Where's the catch!
Antidote is free to download and play, with a single in app purchase that lets you play as much as you want, whenever you want. We've got exciting new features coming, but we'll never take anything away from you. Oh, yeah, we don't like adverts ruining our games, so if you want to see adverts, this isn't the game for you... Sorry!

If you want to give feedback on the game and help direct it as we develop updates, check out our public changemap :
If you want the latest news, we're on most social media. Find them all on our website :
If you get stuck, have a great idea, or just want to say hi, we're listening!


24 October- More new levels added in the midgame! Please let us know if you find any mroe difficulty walls 🤺- Level graphics update 🎨- A bunch of small fixes 🐛 and improvements to UIs ✨- Protein is clearer and more useful. But for a little longer... it's still #VaccineTime, and lives will regenerate 7x faster. Why? Because now's a great time to ask your doctor about getting your yearly flu vaccine, especially if you're in a risk group. 💉😁


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