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Chinese Chess


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Play Chinese Chess(XiangQi) online with players all over the world. Or play with machine AI at various difficulty levels.
There are dozens of players online waiting for you at any time.
The AI engine is very strong even for serious players. There are also thousands of endgames provided as training exercises that will help you improve skills, as well as give you hours of enjoyment trying to solve the puzzles.
You can also browse the saved games and many hundred thousands of online library.V4.4 Add hundred thousands of online library.
V4.3 Add library browser.
V3.2 Perfect support for tablet.
V2.8 Fix a minor bug on play online.
V2.7 Interface optimization.
V2.5 Fix a minor bug on draw judgement.
V2.3 Add function of edit board when play offline.
V2.2 Improved AI engine.
V2.1 Add endgame practice.

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  • File Size: 10.45MB
  • Current Version: 6.8
  • Update Time: Jun 17, 2016
  • Developer: Bluesky Works

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