Real Strike: Online Shooting Pro

Real Strike: Online Shooting Pro

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Shoot to kill real players in this online multiplayer shooting game. This real-time action shooter comes with 3D graphics and surrounding sound. You get to choose different weapons and battlefields. Kill as many soldiers as you can as part of a special task force team.

It’s time to raise your expectations for an online shooting game and get a consolelike experience on your mobile devices. In this multiplayer first person shooter game, you are a member of a special force team and your objective is to kill and take down as many enemies and trained soldiers as you can. You are equipped with some advanced weapons and rifles and the powerful arsenal lets you choose from different machineguns as your primary weapon and different pistols as your secondary weapon. You can also choose to carry on a knife as your special weapon. So, it’s up to you to go silent and play like a precise sniper shooter, or shoot at enemies ruthless and fearless.

This multiplayer shooter game comes with a 3D graphics and once you open the game and join a task force team, you’ll find yourself in a real battlefield and thanks to the surrounding sound music and realistic sound effects, a real infinite warfare situation is literally waiting for you.

On the other side, the smooth gameplay and user friendly interface let you get used to playing such counterstrike game after just a few tries. There is a virtual joy steak to control and move the special force unit and there are also some buttons enabling you to aim the gun and shoot the enemies, as well as reload and change rifle.

Speaking of the gameplay, there are two game modes available in this real shooting game. You can either choose the TDM (Team Death Match) and kill the entire soldiers of the opponent or FFA (Free For All) and try to kill as many soldiers as you can. There are also different battlefields and maps to choose from. Each map, needs its own tactics and you need to make sure you are familiar with the area, before trying to attack the enemy’s special force.

Real Strike is after first time paid completely free and there are no in-apppurchase items or ads and all the features in the battlefield are available for free. You just need to make sure, you are connected to internet to be able to play with other players around the world in real time.

Real Strike: Online Shooting Main Features at a Glance:

● Easy to learn gameplay, but hard to master
● 3D graphics with surrounding sounds
● Smooth control
● Console like experience for a multiplayer shooting action
● Different maps to choose, and different tactics to use
● 2 different game modes: Team Death Match and Free For all
● Powerful arsenal, including: Revolver, P200, Knife, UMP 40, and HMG
● Chat with teammates and coordinate the operation
● Fun for all ages
● Completely ADS free with no IAP items

So, if you used to play counterstrike games on your old PC, or you are a fan online multiplayer shooter games, or you just like team works and want to take down some soldiers in a realistic battlefield, then “Real Strike: Online Shooting” is your best companion. You just need to enter a battlefield (choose from 5 different environments), choose the game mode, and start playing against some professional players who are the masters of FPS games.

Download the Real Strike without ads and challenge your shooting expertise in this cooperative online shooter game with realistic design, console like graphics, and super easy gameplay.

Be in touch and make sure to let us know about any bugs or feature requests. Your feedbacks are valuable to us, and stay tuned for more features and improvements to deliver the best online shooting experience on a mobile device.


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