Memories Off 6 Next Relation

Memories Off 6 Next Relation

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The sequel of "Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~", the 6th work of Memories Off series, is now released on iOS!
We'd like to bring you "the tender sweet atmosphere", as well as "sorrow".

※All text in the game is in Japanese.
※We don't have a plan to support Korean language.
※Devices later than iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th Generation, iPad 2 or iPad mini required.
※Devices later than iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Generation, iPad 3rd Generation or iPad mini Retina display model recommended.

・The catchphrase of this work is "Be together, till the further (ずっと一緒に もっと遠くまで)".
・New stories for the 5 ***es from the previous work "Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~"!
・Voice for all the characters to give the players a realistic feeling!
・And characters designed by Takayuki Koshimizu and Yukihiro Matsuo!
・Music by Takeshi Abo, who is famous for the music of Memories Off series, STEINS;GATE etc.!
・Volume of over 20-hour total play time!
・A universal app which can be played on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!
・Support iCloud, so you can share your save data with all your devices!
・Support Game Center so you can compete your achievements with your friends!
・Support Push Notification Service!

■How to play 
You can use touch gestures to play this game intuitively!

Swipe in from the very right side of the screen, or tap the screen with 2 fingers: show/hide game menu
Tap: next message, determination, exit auto mode
Swipe down: show the message log
Swipe up: hide the message
Swipe right: skip already-read messages
Swipe left: skip all messages
Tap and hold: enter auto mode

■Game story
――Just before the summer holiday, at Sumisora high school.
Shio Tsukamoto is living his school life as the president of student council, which is recommended by the former president "Chloe Kagamigawa" who has graduated this spring.
However, since this is his last year in high school and Yuno Kasuga, the general affair of student council, is supporting him on most of the work, Shio is not that busy.
The summer holiday of grade 12 is comming, while Shio is still confused about deciding his course after graduation.
And beside such Shio, is his precious...


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