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★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★
Google Play's strongest Go/Baduk program! To coincide with the AlphaGo - Sedol match, AI Factory has released a substantially updated product. This new version has been 3 years in preparation and improves the top play strength by 10 grades from 8 kyu to 3 dan. This is based on the new Aya program, which was the winner of the KGS World Computer Go Championship November 2014 and EGC Computer Go Tournament 2015. It is consequently a substantially bigger program, but offers much more.With its rich strategy and simple rules, the ancient game of Go (Wei-chi/Baduk) is widely regarded as the ultimate thinking game. This product will allow you to learn and master this game!
- Full 9x9, 13x13 games (19x19 limited to 180 moves. Paid version allows whole game)
- 10 Difficulty levels from 18 Kyu to 3 Dan
- Aya Go Engine (International Gold Medallist)
- 2 Player Hotseat
- Go Rules, Handicaps. Chinese and Japanese rules supported.
- Hints at 1 Dan level to help you develop.
- Help includes a walk-through and links to teaching resources.
- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
This free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.

What's new

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2.05 - Ad stability improvements.
2.0 - Major upgrade to provide 18 Kyu to 3 Dan play. 10 grades stronger than previous version.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 30.19MB
  • Current Version: 2.23
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.0及更高版本
  • Developer: AI Factory Limited
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  • 晨汐
    Played game for 2 hours 47 minutes


  • 幻期颐

    设计很好的一款游戏 PS如果讨厌广告可以自行百度 会有没有植入广告的原始版本

  • Phoenix


  • 。。。


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