Destiny of Heroes

Destiny of Heroes

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On the land of another world, there lived various races including Humans, Orcs, Elves, Trolls, Dwarfs, and Taurens. Due to faith and territory conflicts, they vied against one other and finally developed into two camps. However, a bigger evil power was also eyeing on this land……

Tribe VS Alliance – an incandescent mobile game that brings players back to the ’60s in memories! Not only bumper load of game features and latest real-time battle removal mode. There are original game plot, superb recreation of world and eternal comrades-in-arms.

Receive your gifts when login and upgrades! Surprises after surprises!
Girls, heroes, and benefits are aplenty! What are you waiting for?

More benefits are available soon…

======Signature Gameplay======

1.Innovative battle system: The real-time battle removal system perfects battle experience. Different number of removals that deal with different damages and match-ups which help accumulate power to release ultimate skills. There are also rich runes that assist players to enjoy simple but exhilarating battles.

2.Fine graphics and classic heroes: Brilliant graphics are presented in game maps and scenarios, and hundreds of heroes are restored. The players are given numerous formation options with each hero in its own features.

3.Bountiful interaction: Various gameplays can be explored! Players may challenge dungeons, fighting themselves in the bloody arena, or powerful bosses on the open field. Hero upgrades will release more ways to play the game. The cross-server party system enables players to challenge giant monsters and reap rare equipment!


Fun genre! Felt like back to the old days! Smooth manipulation! Simply, good game!
Rich gameplay! You’ll never get tired of playing. What’s most important thing is the rich benefits. You don't need to spend to enjoy!

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