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☆Game Background
There is en evil Boss trying to destroy this world! Summoners need to summon elves partners and form a team to fight against it!☆Game Features
This game is made by super cartoon fanatics. You can experience a wonderful game with exquisite graphic, cute characters, whole new designed Capturing System and Instance Exploring System! Come! Just start your surprising adventures with more than 200 lovely elves!
☆Featured Systems
1. Three levels of elf evolution 

The lovely elves become powerful warriors. More than 200 monsters to capture and build up a greatest adventurous team for your own.
2. Famous Japanese voice actors joined
Japanese voice actors perform their voice and act those elves in this game which make elves more vivid.
3. Pioneer instance exploring system
Get rid of the traditional instance mode! Dungeons and more than 100 active events surprise you every minute. Pass them to earn great treasures.

4. Magic skills ready to cast
Evolve your elves to learn more powerful magic skills. Hold your fire and cast it on the right time to make biggest damage to Devils. Show us a epic battle!
5. Boss elf capture system
Wanna have your owned Boss elf? Boss elf shows randomly in game. They are so beautiful and deadly. Just jump into the combat and capture one!
☆Contact Us
Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/gamedreamer.kdlm

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