Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race

Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race

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Welcome to the apocalyptic Zombie Land, full of dead walkers who devour your brain. Choose your favorite zombie killer snow motorcycle from 4 given ones: Exterminator, Blade Rider, Nitro and Brute. Jump on it and become a fiercest zombie smasher! Crush every single zombie who will block your way and try to attack you!


◆CHOOSE the fiercest zombie killer snow motorcycle: Exterminator, Blade Rider, Nitro and Brute.
◆RACE in this extreme zombie smasher and snow motocross racing game! Compete with other snow motocross racers and crush every single zombie who will block your way!
◆JUMP through a burning ring of fire, perform cool flips and stunts with your fierce zombie killer motorcycle!
◆DRIVE with your extreme snow motorcycle on a slippery road, frozen lakes, moving constructions collapsing bridges, burning and muddy swamps, steep hills, dangerous trampolines and more!
◆ESCAPE apocalyptic Zombie Land by smashing all zombies who will block your way or by catching those zombie racing game walkers who are running away from you!
◆RIDE as fast as you can in this apocalyptic zombie killer racing game. Jump over the huge Zombie Land gaps and perform amazing flips and stunts with your extreme snow motorcycle.
◆EXPLORE three different Zombie Land worlds: Dead Land, Always Winterland and Zombie Race.
◆MEET various zombie racing game enemies: small dead walkers who will die as soon as you hit them, big boss zombies, who have a better immunity to your hits, there is even a grandma zombie with her cute bunny slippers, but don’t be fooled, she is as dangerous as other zombies.
◆AVOID huge falling skulls and wrecking balls, upcoming zombie waves, exploding bombs and bottles. It can slow you down in this dangerous winter zombie racing game!
◆LOOK for a secret racing tracks full of golden coins! The more coins you get, the more motorbikes you can buy!
◆COMPLETE 24 challenging zombie killer snow motocross racing game levels and get ready to race and escape this dangerous and apocalyptic Zombie Land.
◆MASTER your motorbike driving skills while racing in this apocalyptic zombie smasher and snow motorcycle racing game.
◆ENJOY fun and realistic, physics-based motorbike racing experience in this dangerous zombie race game.
◆Use GO button to drive forward and ARROWS to balance your snow motorbike.
◆RACE in this adventurous zombie racing game and STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eye coordination, self-control and IMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making and flexible thinking skills.
◆ENJOY cool zombie racing game graphics, entertaining motorbike driving experience, animated characters, winter valley environment, great sound effects, realistic voice-overs and hard-rock style soundtrack.

This is the best snow motocross racing game for kids who love extreme racing, fierce motorbikes, challenging game levels, wants to become a famous zombie smasher and can’t resist to high speed, zombie crushing and dangerous snow motorcycle tricks! So hop on your motorbike, win this dangerous snow motocross racing game and become a fiercest zombie smasher!

This extreme zombie smashing and snow motocross racing game for families is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases.

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## v3.31
- Bugfixes.


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