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The Principal 3D

The Principal 3D

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


[In easy operation also headmaster! ]● You are the principal teacher of the phrase school.
Also I think the topic of the morning assembly today. Operation is only to enter the topic of the story!
Talk long-Ihodo high scores. However, boring topic is trying to attention because students fall in anemia.
Good topic of reputation increases students.
If Different one character results change everything! Good to be a serious story, and good even blur. Let's look for a topic of your own!
Popular person of principal Aim!
● world of my principal that has spread in 3D!
Wasteful reality is up in a reproducible dot 3D in full 3D!
Picture book is also enriched! Share with Gekisha the morning assembly! Fun to find a topic in the rank evaluation with also has increased.
Also play devised to other a lot! I try to play once anyway!
When the topic is not think ● it?
Consider the hobby and today's events!
Favorite drama and cartoon Toka topic.
Also funny stories and ghost story something?
The world's largest hints and search for reviews orchids and the internet! I wonder if the other principals are what story? Rare story is found be ....
Emergency, principal Toku!
● Yu tuber is competing in my principal 3D?
My principal 3D is a collaboration application with familiar UUUM company in Youtube! No way famous Youtuber appeared ...! ?
HIKAKIN (Hikakin), beginning Shacho, Gucci ... more is for yourself!




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