Cubuzzle - Ultimate Brain Cube

Cubuzzle - Ultimate Brain Cube

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Cubuzzle is simple, relaxing, addictive and interesting cube puzzle game for those who love Brain Teasers fit for family and kids.The gameplay is similar to the Rubik's cube, by sliding to pave the way for the cute hero.

Imagine the ultimate cube puzzle game, a battle of wits, that challenges you in a number of ways with unlimited variations and gameplay combinations. Swipe and spin the Cube to align the tiles and create a path till the exit portal.

The game contains four modes, Cubuzzle is worthy to be recommended as a puzzle game masterpiece.


- Game screen exquisite and gives you a different visual experience to make your adventure more exciting.
- Soothing and relaxing, meditative music to relieve the stress of puzzle games.
- Multiple addictive cube game modes with ever changing and fresh puzzles.
- Record based move count with Real sensory experience.
- Can you beat the best in the world to use the least number of moves in this Ultimate Brain Cube game ?
- Soft, slick visually appealing art.
- Challenge yourself across 3 different relaxing gameplay modes with unique puzzles
- For those who find color separation a challenge, use the color changing mode to change color of the cube as per your preference.

**** CHROMATIC - the automatic color changing cube game mode where the player has to align pieces of the same color. New color in every level. Remember the colour active !
**** GENIUS - For the thinkers and puzzle game lovers. The true genius plans his every move and completes the target with minimal moves.
**** BLITZ - The Time Attack mode for the lightning quick reflexes for the Experts among us.

- Challenge your friends and family to the Ultimate battle of wits in the HOTSEAT Mode
- Stuck ? Use Gems to change tile color!
- Share with friends and battle for supremacy on 72 leaderboards! Each unique to its level!
- 16 Achievements to earn to be crowned the King of Puzzle games


Engaging, addictive puzzle based Rubik's Cube Style gameplay with a soothing, relaxing, meditative soundtrack.
- Fix some minor bugs
- Optimized the player's operating experience


  • 文件大小 : 26.63MB
  • 当前版本 : 1.0.1
  • 更新时间 :
  • 系统: 3.0及更高版本
  • 厂商: Tribar Solutions







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