Rescue Lucy

Rescue Lucy


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You have to play the main character of a girl who was walking through the woods with his dog Lucy. Everything was perfect until Lucy escaped deep into the forest to you. Our ***e was looking through the woods and the dog did not notice it was night. Soon she found an old house, where, in her opinion, could hide her dog Lucy. Now you have to enter into this scary house and find his dog. That's just the girl does not know what horror is waiting for her outside the door.
A variety of different locations, a lot of rooms with puzzles and monsters. Collect a variety of items by combining them to open the door. Find ways to destroy all the scary monsters in this house. Have time to save his beloved dog, his favorite doggie.
A fabulous and mysterious atmosphere of immersing you into an amazing adventure. Beautiful graphics and music will relax you and soothe the terrible moments of the game. Perhaps the best game of this Dmitri Starodymova by the end of February 2016.
You will find a variety of different puzzles and mystical creatures. The game will appeal to those who like quiet games where you can play slowly. Just like the players who love the game in the style of Escape.
The game is free. Stop reading! Next to save Lucy!
Playing this game with advertising you help orphans.

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- замедлил анимацию игры
- уменьшил нагрузку на ЦП
- добавил звук к кнопкам кодовых замков
- исправил глюк со стрелкой выхода из комнаты, где скелет и лом

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  • File Size: 48.55MB
  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Update Time: May 27, 2018
  • Developer: Starodymov
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  • 一重妄想
    Played game for 17 minutes


    其实这游戏一点也不恐怖,一进门就能看见鬼怪什么的就站在那,又不会跑过来追你什么的 ,而且你还有几秒钟的逃跑时间,这个设定挺好的



  • 发卡



    翻译让我有想玩的欲望( •̀∀•́ )

  • 将不道

    为撒没有中文,而且看见鬼还有3秒时间能逃走 😄😄😄😄😄习惯性好评

  • 井

    这简介的翻译我给满分😂😂😂 直接找度娘翻的吧😂

  • 九猫子
    Played game for 8 minutes


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