Subway Turtle Surf Ninja

Subway Turtle Surf Ninja

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If you love runner game ? this game is what you're looking for!
subway turtle jumbing ninja Adventure is easy to play, you can give it to your kids and you can play it too .The most important thing is to help turtle jumper ninja , this super hero to collect money and find the gold he lost. In a world full of adventure, you should make sure, you surf and run correctly, that you don’t run on spikes and don’t hit obstacles and don’t stop or the enemies will get you. Use your smooth, easy moves to guide our ninja on his adventure!..
The hero turtle here is not the turtle from the serie “Ninja Turles” to be precise..
It is a free jumping and running game where ninja turtle the boy has for mission: coin collecting. However, the task is not as easy as it seems to be, because during his adventure in the wild, the turtle jumbing ninja should jump off blocks and spikes and escape from the enemies after him. The jumping rhythm can suddenly change and it can be tough to handle turtle then! The western cowboy theme makes the game completely fascinating and will enrol you in a world full of action and fun.
The hero ninja green turtle here is not the turtle ninja from the serie "Turtle ninja" to be precise and has nothing to do with the tutles ninja Character in the cartoon! As you can see there is no Donatello or Leonard, schredder, Michelangelo.. here J ! It is created for fun!! It is now available with so much fun. Run in the nature! … !Run in a fun dora full of adventures. run over..
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turtle runner ninja Adventure is a game destined to kids and adults as well. Do you like to take a part of your time in the challenging and thrilling adventure with turtle surfers ninja ! so you don't hesitate and play this Game .you will like it I'm sure .Download this best FREE game now!
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This last has unlimited levels, the game will last until crashing on any surface! If you're looking for a fun game full of adventure! This will be the best choice to you choose it.
Enjoy the tense rhythm, beautiful graphics and smooth control feelings. Do not forget to collect as many coins as possible to beat you friend’s high score!This last has unlimited levels, the game will last until crashing on any surface! If you're looking for a fun game!, this will be the best choice to you choose it .
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Simple entertainment. Must try and get your hands on these unbelievable easy to play and jump the fun games. Beautiful and amazing venture run graphic in castle temple. swim, run, jump, Boat venture in mysterious forest pj mask.
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Tips :
1. Collect as coins many.
2. Avoid all obstacles you see!.
* Game Features *
- Intense and exciting game rhythm
- Explore the mysterious castle! ! !
- Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !
- Easy one-touch controls and gameplay
- Rich background music and sound effects..
- Supports Android phones and tablets...


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  • 当前版本 : 1.1
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  • 系统: 1.6及更高版本
  • 厂商: Netro


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