Hero needs a Weapon

Hero needs a Weapon

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Heroes who need powerful gears are waiting for your help. Produce ultimate gears for heroes who can eliminate monsters!
Produce equipments need from all over the world and deliver them to earn gold. Hire more warriors, archers and mages, and give them ultimate weapons you created. Your town will grow up, and the world will be in peace.
The background of game is sophisticated 3D graphic RPG town. You have to manage this town for boosting economy of town. At the same time, you must fight against monsters who threaten the peace.
The town will be energetic as you produce more equipments, and deliver them to the kingdom. To defense your town from evil monsters is also your duty.
Hire more heroes who will fight against monsters, and create special gears and reinforce them for strengthen heroes. The glory of RPG town is up to you.☆ Game Features
** Economy System
- Various combinations that can produce equipments and materials
- The town is growing up as you deliver equipments that kingdom requested.
** Unlimited Contents
- 120+ materials and 50+ equipments that can produce using materials!
- 8 Buildings can produce materials and equipments.
- 100 dungeons in 5 area.
- 50+ characteristic heroes who have special ability.
- 50+ fantastic special gears that can be equipped and reinforced.
** Thrilling Battle
- Hire and train 3 types of heroes.
- Grab the victory from fierce battles with 30 heroes.
- Use powerful skill for turning the tide!
- You can enjoy 30 vs. 30 massive battle with charming monsters, powerful heroes and vibrant battle scenes.

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  • File Size: 49.46MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Update Time: Sep 26, 2016
  • Developer: IDEABOX Co.,Ltd
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Latest Version :3.4 Android:3.9

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