Garbage Truck Simulator 2016
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Garbage Truck Simulator 2016


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Pick up the Garbage and get paid doing so!
Most people think that a garbage truck driver in stardew valley, is a person who doesn’t get a lot of money, when it’s actually one of the best paying jobs in the world! In Garbage Truck Simulator 2016 you can test yourself if you are fit for the job, picking up your colleagues, picking up trash and much more. This driving simulator will make you become a real garbage truck driver, something you didn’t always wish for but secretly always wanted to do once in your life! So welcome to Stardew Valley and good luck on your job!
Get garbage, make money and buy more garbage trucks!
There are 5 epic garbage trucks in Garbage Truck Simulator , a whole lot. And to buy them you need money, to get money you need to work. Spend in the extra hours to really push yourself and get enough to buy your own garbage truck! People in Stardew Valley need you help in keeping the city of Stardew Valley clean!

Upgrades to a Garbage Truck Simulator
You’re thinking, why should i upgrade my Garbage Truck? Well, just because you can! Upgrade all of the garbage trucks to make sure you never miss your deadline, shift or colleagues asking for your help. If you do not make it, take shelter because you really don’t want to see angry garbage men!

Garbage Truck Simulator 2016 - Game Features:
▶ Make a living as a real garbage truck driver in stardew valley!
▶ Earn cash to buy one of the 5 Garbage Trucks!
▶ Drive around in the 3d city of stardew valley
▶ Become the best garbage truck driver ever!

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What's new

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- Added the option to increase the earnings of every mission
- Bugfixes

Detailed info

  • File Size: 49.99MB
  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: MobileGames

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