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Seal Monster

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Finally begin seal master candidate tournament!
Dangun is go on a journey to become a seal master.
However, it is doubtful organizations get in the way and came to visit the Dangun.Dangun who was born to a very great house.
Dangun with a talent to seal the monster battle.
Followed by those who before and after to seal the master clean up.
You can be the Dangun.
* Please to complete the combo through the stack Battle!
* Stack Battle is the game to complete the combo. Damage contains strong enough gain a lot of skills!
* Trying to catch a seal monster of strong grade!
* L, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, a number of evaluation E, F, until G! (Legend also equipped.)
* 3000 species of seal monsters!
* Tries to find a lot of seal monsters!
* Three attributes
* Fire, water, please full use of strategic battle in three of the attributes leading to the tree!
* A total of 134 pieces of the map exists.
* Map is present 134 pieces, there is a ghost walking point of the cave is a special map.
* Please join nine seal master tournament wins the girders!
* Nine of the girder exists. They are the protector to protect the respective village. Trying to strengthen them win the tensile
* Please evolved a seal monsters!
* Seal monsters will be able to evolve to 16 level, 32 level. Evolution, to discourage strongly the seal monsters!
* Let's strengthen the seal monsters through the strengthening stone items!
* Seal monsters can be enhanced by using the strengthening stone items! Your monster is important!
* Please enjoy enjoy the main quest!

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  • File Size: 42.27MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Update Time: Mar 28, 2016
  • Developer: TronPlay
  • 长安逸


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    确定这游戏不是口袋妖怪(名:口袋妖怪黑白版 真的是黑白)

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