Cooking Mania
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Cooking Mania

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Run your own pizza place, taco truck, sushi bar & Chinese food restaurant!
Four cute little chefs will help you: Grazia from Italy, Marta from Mexico, Yuki from Japan and Lin from China. Get ready to play the best cooking games and make delicious sushi, Guo Bao chicken, tacos and pizza!

Based on kids favorite recipes, Cooking Mania game will help children learn how to cook and keep the kitchen clean!


Mexican Cuisine
Travel to sunny Mexico and make spicy tacos with sweet little Marta! Peel and chop, vegetables, slice and cut chicken, top the tortilla with yummy ingredients and fold it. Add spicy sauce, cheese and lime, and give your customers the best tacos!

Italian Cuisine
Meet Grazia in Italy, open your own pizza place and bake Italian pizza! Make pizza dough, slice vegetables and top the pizza with beef and cheese. Bake in the oven and when it’s done cooking, add your favorite pizza toppings!

Japanese Cuisine
Get ready to slice and chop fast when you play sushi master chef with Yuki. Add sushi ingredients on a seaweed sheet, roll it and show your sushi maker skills!

Chinese Cuisine
Prepare delicious Chinese food with Lin, the adorable Chinese chef. Chop and grate vegetables. Mix flour and egg to make dough for chicken legs. Fry them and serve this delicious meal to your own Chinese restaurant customers!

Sticker Book
Play Cooking Mania every day and collect 8 wonderful stickers in your recipe book!

Movie Theater
Watch kids' videos with your new cooking friends and get extra coins!

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