Pet Venture Story
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Pet Venture Story

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Pet Venture Story is a classic three elimination mobile game!
In game three with the elimination of transposition based gameplay, adding Gexinggese cute "Meng Chong" image
Pets can be composed of three or more in a row to earn points and the elimination of energy, full of energy when the explosive Elimination
Within a specified time after the completion of all eliminate the ice, there will be an egg, just put down to the lowest level on the eggs successfully cross the border!Game Features:
- Stunning picture effect, restore the most classic three elimination games are played
- Various kinds of "Meng Chong" lovely image!
- The elimination of rich special effects, people constantly surprises!
- More than 300 different levels, after the completion of direct access to the trophy!
- Real free games, relies entirely on technical tasks

Classic three consumer play reproduction aftertaste classic feel!

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