Flying Bike Simulator : New Driving Moto Rider

Flying Bike Simulator : New Driving Moto Rider

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Guys we present to you a thrilling action and adventure game. This game is another 3d graphics mind blowing game, have you ever seen a flying shooting bike? Well here you can see and experience a flying bike which can shoot to the target which the player locks at, this game consists of two modes one is to drive a bike on road second is to make a jet aircraft bike which fly very high at high speed and completes different missions which are assigned to the players, in other words you guys will have a two in one experience of driving both on the road as well as fly like an airplane, here we ensure a good shooting and destruction experience as the players can launch the rockets and shoot bullets at the locked targets ,the main challenges and missions to complete each given mission is to complete the assigned task developed by the developer , like to pass through the circles on the street lights or mountain edges or in the air , you can take your flying bike anywhere and shoot the targets in the free mode but in the career mode you need to follow the game rules and do as you are suggested to complete a mission, sometimes the players shall shoot a target from above the skies and sometimes from the road while moving on the road, the flying feature of the bike adds in faster mobility of the bike and lets us control the bike in flight in all possible directions left,right,up and down to position the bike as needed to complete the given goal which can possibly be to pass through the circle.
The game is designed in such a realistic way that the bike seems to be flying for real and the player seems to be controlling and driving the bike by himself, this is a different game because both flying and drifting modes are present in the same game, a pointer above to the direction of the face of the bike is given which gives us the target to move forward to, just like the shooting games to aim and shoot the target.













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