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Superhero Brawl

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Superhero Brawl is an adventure RPG, with various gameplay modes such as the collection and development of super heroes from other worlds, the combination of different formations and the PVP system.The turn-based game can be played both manually and automatically. Players need to combine different skills to win the battle.
Multi-dimensional heroes growth, build your own team through collection, development, formation combination, attributes combination, runes enhancement, etc.
Over 60 super heroes from American and Japan animes and movies, each hero has distinctive skills and attributes. Hire them and reveal their true power!
Plentiful adventure stages, trendy fashion clothes, cool super heroes.
Travel through the space and time, experience exotic scenes in different parallel worlds.
Various PVE gameplay modes to meet players’ need of collecting super heroes and to create a sense of pride in contests among gamers.

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Optimized the overall game performance and improved the running speed of the game.

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  • Current Version: 1
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  • Developer: opgame1

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