Project Robot Car Parkour

Project Robot Car Parkour

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"Become a futuristic robot and engage in parkour. In this simulator you will find a great city, plenty of jobs, and a sea of emotions. Officially, you are a member of the group of battle carobot on delivery, but you are free to change your views or simply to do your business. Develop, enrich, develop your skills of parkour and a futuristic robot. World of agility, speed and battle waiting for you in the simulator!
Enjoy beautiful views of the city from the rooftops, drag up to the sky and try the real feeling of jumping and flying through amazing 3D graphics. Evaluate all the details of your futuristic robot design, as well as other carobots. Good physics allow you to perform any of parkour stunts, use environment, and effectively destroy any object. Use it in battle: Adjust traps, break the roof, throw objects and pushes. Exciting music of simulator will not get bored and will make your trip enjoyable.
To be a master of parkour you can not sit still. Take new orders, explore the city, look for hiding places and tear plans of enemy carobot. Learn new tricks, look for workarounds, exercise in passing traps and melee battle. For jobs in the simulator, you will receive the money: use them to develop your futuristic robot and express yourself through cosmetic improvements. Make yourself a unique and let others carobots tremble on your appearance!
Everyone can experience the atmosphere of battle parkour, since the simulator is completely free. If you're ready to become a futuristic robot, show the wonderful tricks, destroying opponents and conquer the big city, you do not wait – other carobots not asleep and take your orders. Good luck!"









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