Fantasy Fighter - No. 1 Action Game In Asia

Fantasy Fighter - No. 1 Action Game In Asia

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[Over 20,000,000 active players worldwide – NO.1 action game in Asia!]

2015’s most popular mobile game– Fantasy Fighter! With more than 70 million downloads worldwide and over 20 million active players, this retro arcade action game has become the favorite of Chinese and South Korean gamers. Discover stunning 2D graphics, simple side-scrolling interface and easy-to-learn controls, as well as a wide range of skills you can mix for devastating combos. An unprecedented combat experience!

Take on criminals and monsters, bring order back into the night and clean the city of all evil!

● Simple one-touch controls ●
No complicated button combinations: all the power is in your finger!

● Smooth fighting action ●
Perform endless combinations of moves and perfect your own best combo - you won’t be able to put it down!

● Strong community ●
Play with both your WeChat & Facebook friends and make them your best allies!

● Wide selection of customizable characters ●
Ranged attack or physical magic, cute and hot or heroic? Diverse personalities to match your own. Choose your favorite!

● Multiple fashion styles ●
Explore a large collection of fashion outfits and exclusive character titles. Get a dazzling new look as well as valuable additional attributes! Build your personal style in the world of Fantasy Fighter.

● Copious activities with rich rewards ●
Challenging adventures and exciting daily missions - plenty of stuff for you to enjoy as you level up including free diamonds, equipment and more!

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New Version Content:
1.New resource retrieval function.
2.Class Awakening available
3.New “Sacred Zone” unlocked
4.Psionic Tattoo system online
5.Opened Lv.105 level cap
6.Rush mode now online
7.Opened “My Castle”
8.Opened new classes for Catherine,Sangean
9.Now players can change classes
10.Fix bugs.
Event Updates:
1.Limited supply of the new 5-Star Pet Aries in the Shop
2.Point rewards added to purchase events
3.Point Store remains open










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