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Jokes for laugh!


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ALL the contents in this app is in Chinese.Second Jokes Boom is now published!! Inside has lots of jokes that let you burst into tears and laugh! Take a rest for a little moment relax and have a leisure!
You can also participate in this app by posting us your jokes inside the app! All jokes that are considered good would be published in the next version!!!
Come and have fun and share your jokes around the world!!
V11 is published! With even more user friendly design layout!
1. Replied to user comments to make the buttons for next and previous joke bigger
2. Replied to user comments for allowing adjustment for font size
3. Added remark for what means "Source"
4. Database upgrade
Be quick to download the new version and support us! Enjoy the laugh!
V9: Improvement to sync Joke Database at cloud...enjoy!
V8: Revolution! Jokes database now at Cloud, you may download the new jokes at any time! Also, feedback for the comments, added search function for all for you to search the jokes you want at your fingertip!
V7: Added many jokes! Enjoy!
V6: Added many jokes! Enjoy!
V5: Added many jokes! Added Night Mode too! Enjoy!
V4: Added many jokes! Changed user interface too! Enjoy!
V3: Added many jokes! Enjoy!
V2: Added many jokes! Enjoy!
V1: Published!!! Enjoy!

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第13版 ONLINE!! 未更新的快下載更新啦!1. 整理目錄2. 整理資料庫3. 加為最愛的處理程序變得更快4. 整理用戶介面快下載更新啦!多謝大家支持! 你的每一分支持就是對我們的鼓勵!ENJOY!

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  • File Size: 5.27MB
  • Current Version: 13
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 3.0及更高版本
  • Developer: Pearappx

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