Kitty Pawp Bubble Shooter
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Kitty Pawp Bubble Shooter

Kitty Pawp Featuring Garfield

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Kitty P*** is an exciting new bubble shooter that’s all about cats! Match three kitty-shaped bubbles of the same color to earn points in this addictive, kitty-friendly bubble shooter game. Collect treats, earn prizes, or clear obstacles to complete different goal-based objectives and unlock new levels. Avoid getting stuck behind Hairballs or tangled in balls of Yarn! Explore bubbly and colorful cat-themed worlds. Claw through the competition and pop your way to the top of the Facebook leaderboards.Discover why Kitty P*** is the cat’s meow!
- MATCH cute and bubbly, kitten-shaped bubbles
- EXPLORE and unlock vibrant cat-themed worlds
- POP your way through dozens of challenging levels
- EARN all 3 stars to Master each level
- WIN special prizes every 10 levels
- BURST through areas of bubbles using Super Attacks
- COMPETE with friends and compare high scores
- RECEIVE free lives from your Facebook friends
- WATCH videos to earn extra bubbles and lives for free
- Make the cats happy and they'll MEOW and PURR for you!
Popping bubbles has never been this much fun! Here’s a few other ways to stay in touch with us:
Like and support us on Facebook:***
Check out our website:
We’re constantly working to make this game a popping good time so be sure to update often and check for the newest levels. These colorful cat-themed worlds offer new bubble shooting adventures and challenging levels to pop your way through. Happy bubble shooting and let’s get to popping!

What's new

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- Peer into a hole of hidden treasures and knick-knacks in the new Mouse House world! These Mice are squeaky and sneaky ~ catch them while you can!
- Players going for all three stars can now quickly and easily choose to replay levels from the Score Summary screen. Also a handy option for those trying to beat their friends' scores!

Detailed info

  • File Size: 45.44MB
  • Current Version: 4.1.3008
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Freeze Tag Games

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