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♥The Maid is on a quest of rescuing the kidnapped hero.
♬ Hero to the Cafe, on every good day ♪
♪ But by bad, mean slimes, Captured on the way ~♬ ▣ STORY ▣
'Slimes', the weakest of all the monsters in the world,
They are the Hero's favorites when it comes to Farming for levels.
But it all changed when a Slime came into possession of an ancient Mind Control spell.
With its power, the slimes have dominated all monsters in the world,
And now they want to take over the human realms.
The first step in their grand plan: Removing the pesky Heroes.
So they transform themselves into beautiful ladies to kidnap all the Heroes, and get ready for world domination.
The maid May, who is in charge of the Heroes' favorite cafe, notices that Heroes have stopped visiting her little cafe in the woods.
When a little bird tells her that her loving hero is kidnapped, she goes on a journey to get her lover back with a kitchen knife in her hand.
▷ Eradicate the Slimes that pop out of the 16 holes on the screen.
▷ Tap once on the Purple Slime!
▷ Tap twice on the Green Slime!
▷ But don't touch the Red Slime!
▷ 3 different game modes to enjoy.
▷ Unlock various achievements to get rewards.
▣ Features ▣
▷ 3 different game modes to play
▷ Over 20 types of monsters to beat
▷ Over 100 stages to enjoy
▷ Various useful items that help you on your quest
▷ Invite friends and share the game to get numerous rewards!
▷ A fresh take on the Whack-A-Mole games!
▷ An RPG game divided into stages, instead of the high-score grind!
▷ Enjoy the lovely crafted, high-quality pixel arts!

What's new

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- Improved user interface.- Improved game mode.( A&B )- Added new maid.(MayCat)- Added new item.(EXP Potion)- Added new Package in the shop.- Added new achievement.- Added Cloud Save Data.- Memory optimization for low-end devices.- Bug fixes.

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  • File Size: 9.81MB
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Update Time: Aug 19, 2016
  • Developer: KaimanGames Co.Ltd
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  • 晴雨粘惜
    Played game for 10 minutes


    可惜语言无法改变 还期待换语言来着 E文无法改变


  • 欲音大酱

    打地鼠游戏 玩法不是那么多 就是说虽然三种模式但是重复感太强 游戏又太肝完全不像休闲游戏 不过像素女仆还是挺萌的? 其他角色刷出来请等十年或尝试修改器2333

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  • 你给我的天晴🐾




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