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***NOTE : Zvolution requires IOS 8 and at least an iPhone5,or iPad 3,or iPad mini2.Due to memory constraints, it will not run on older devices.***

Zvolution is an awesome 3D multiplayer action shooting game.

This game focuses on hard-mode Boss challenge. A biohazard is sweeping the globe, human is on the verge of extinction. Players need to go deep into the city to eliminate zombies and recapture the land as survival lives on the aircraft carrier. Cooperate with your friends to fight against the fearsome mutant zombies. Fight your way to uncover the origin of the biohazard and find the crucial way to save the world. Being the ultimate hero!

Challenge – The game is based on Boss challenge with over 50 different shapes
of menacing giant zombies involved! Boss will teach you never outshine the master.

Stunning Weapon – Craft Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Gun, Grenade Gun, Bazooka; also some Sino-African style guns, Laser Weapon, Plasma Weapon, Gauss Weapon etc. You are the one to tell monsters to keep in low profile if they want to live longer.

Auxiliary Weapon – Craft a great variety of ammo, traps, grenades, mines and drugs. You can select different auxiliary weapons to assist your challenge based on different types of zombies.

===Mutual Mode===
Co-op Fight – Select players worldwide to defeat the super powerful Boss together.

Teamwork – In the doomsday, building your team and helping each other is a better way to survive.

Multiplayer Battle – Team battle needs all team members joined and lasts a couple days. The homeland is occupied by hordes of zombies, we need recapture it. Cooperate with your team, draw up a reasonable strategy, start a battle with the enemy for a week.


About Functions
1.Optimize zombies’ action in the Dawn Operation to make it clearer and easier to identify;
2.Shut down some relatively difficult daily quests;
3.Players can visit our official Facebook for latest news and updates by clicking Settings – Support;

About Usability
1.In the page of Monster Preview and Infrared Defectoscope, give a hint about special materials parts;
2.Optimize the prompt messages about mail, achievements, equipment, chips etc.;

About Visual Effects
1.Adjust a couple of scenes with low brightness;
2.Optimize the downloading page;
3.Optimize some zombies’ icon.











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