Traffic Police X Ray Robot 3D

Traffic Police X Ray Robot 3D

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In the simulator you will be able to become a unique employee of traffic police. Take the role of a futuristic robot, become traffic cop and guard traffic laws. You have a mind, but your body is made of iron by X Ray technology, so you have a superhuman capabilities: speed, reaction, memory and logic. Will you use them for the benefit or not hesitate to pursue your goals - your choice, but be that as it may, you will get a lot of impressions!
In the simulator you are waiting for an amazing 3D graphics and physics, so you will feel the present futuristic robot with special X Ray skills. Enjoy spectacular views of the city process, the nature of the surrounding area and machines of a new time. Use the environment while working as traffic cop: push, destroy, substitute, but try not to exceed authority. Exciting music of simulator will not let you get bored on the breaks and do everything chase energetic.
System improvements and workshops will allow you to express yourself and make yourself unique traffic cops. Repair and improve your futuristic robot, discover new abilities of X Ray and stunts, connect the pilot modules and multiply the possibilities. Apply cosmetic improvements and show your sense of taste. You can even buy a portable traffic police post and frighten criminals only one of its kind!
In the simulator, you will have several ways of becoming the best traffic cop of the city. You can strictly follow the laws to catch all criminals, not to take bribes and become a storm all of criminals. So you enlist the support of honest people and get new opportunities by moving to serve in the traffic police. But you have to give up all the lucrative offers of criminals and lose the ability to quickly develop your futuristic robot X Ray. This can affect your outcome of the struggle with their new surprises. If you miss the bargains are not in your rules, you can join the criminal forces, and even be a double agent. Help with crimes disrupting collapses of traffic police, take bribes, and even interfere with other traffic cop. Mix and match all possible, choose your own style of work and become the best futuristic robot of the city!
If you are ready to plunge into the atmosphere of lawlessness on the road, you can not wait, because the simulator is completely free, and it can make everyone. Uncover all the unique X Ray of your body, to seize power in the city and get a lot of impressions. Good luck on the post of traffic police!


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