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Ice Ice Penguin

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Experience an icy penguin adventure! Control an adorable penguin as he runs over ice, swims in the sea and flies like other birds – using a jetpack of course! Don’t forget to change costumes as you go! Become a penguin pirate king or put on your ski suit and prepare to hit the slopes! Just be careful to dodge obstacles along the way and if you are really good you’ll collect some tasty fish too!

All the fun and antics of one adorable penguins!
• Enjoy unpredictably cute penguin moments
• Customize your penguin by wearing different costumes and using different abilities
• Run through sleet, snow, hail and more! Run on the ice in the Artic and swim in shark infested waters!
• Run the race of a lifetime, don’t stumble over obstacle on the way and be the first to the finish line!

Mr. Penguin has sure got it tough, getting past sharks, freezing water and some killer slopes! How is he going to do that?!!? He has some ways… CRAZY ways! Come check it out!

Welcome to the wardrobe! This is where we keep all the gear we need to complete the Penguin’s excursions. Jetpack? Check! Pirate costume? Got it! Skis? Oh Yeah! Clown suit? You better believe it!
There are some more surprises for the industrious player to discover. No spoilers!!!

Penguin Runner is an unpredictable, adorable racing game with out of this world HD sound and graphics! Control this penguin and help him go where now penguin has gone before! Out run sharks, jetpack over the vast snowy wilderness and collect all the fish you can eat! Yum! But don’t do it alone! Play with your friends! Who is the fastest penguin racer? Download and play Penguin Runner NOW! IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! So what are you waiting for?

What's new

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Minor bug fixes, including improve UI graphics

Detailed info

  • File Size: 48.06MB
  • Current Version: 1.04
  • Update Time: Mar 23, 2016
  • Developer: Arcadoor

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