Astral Stairways

Astral Stairways

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◆500k+ Downloads in Hong Kong & Japan!◆
Astral Stairways 3rd Anniversary!
The 3rd-Anniversary Celebration Event has already begun!
Exclusive quests and events are waiting for you!
The all new Celestial Compass and daily missions bring about new challenges,
not to mention the rewards coming with them!
We appreciate your support! For this, lots of exclusive offers are made available!
Over 1300 unique followers drawn by our incredible illustrators are waiting for you!

Firedog Studio's newest game! Perfect for anime fans!
From the creators of Cupid Bistro!!, NeveRossa series!
Save the 800 worlds, rediscover the excitement of rpg!

Travel through the rift of time! Save the 800 worlds! With the power of summoning mighty followers, the hero will save the 800 worlds! Under the guidance of Goddess Kala, explore the worlds and defeat the greatest evil force!

◆Stunning Characters! Epic Battles!◆
Over 1200 unique characters drawn by our incredible team of illustrators!
Position characters in battle for maximum efficieny!
Coordinate characters to cast ultimate skill combos!

-◆Tons of Events! Complete Mission for Rewards!◆-
All new Celestial Compass and daily missions offer different challenges every day!
Not only daily missions reward you with useful items, it even recharges your stamina!
Complete the Celestial Compass special tasks for exclusive rewards!
Don't miss it!

◆Ultimate Skills! Terrain Advantage! Unleash Your Inner Strength!◆
Strategic gameplay! Every character has their own powers, abilities and terrain skills.
Carefully position them on the 3x3 formation to turn the tide of the battle!
Exploit enemy weaknesses to maximize damage!
Combine everything to defeat the toughest enemy!

◆Overkill & Fusion!◆
When facing tough enemies, focus them down with maximum firepower!
Strike together to Fusion! Fusion recovers health and mana, necessary for defeating strong opponents! 
OVERKILL!! Strike with massive firepower to overkill an enemy! Rumor says overkilling an enemy has a chance to receive rare items...

◆About Firedog◆
Back in 1993, Firedog Studio was a well-known doujin group based in Hong Kong.
We were passionate in ACG creations. 
In 1999, Firedog Computer Entertainment Ltd was founded. Games developed by the company include Cupid Bistro!!, NeveRossa and Tiara Concerto.
Forged from years of experience, our first mobile game the Astral Stairways debuted in 2014.

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Added brief inforamtion for character positioning in battle
Fixed drama part display problem.
FIxed incorrect information in recommended followers section.











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