Western Bar - Pro

Western Bar - Pro

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Retro Classic LCD Type Game

The object of this game is to skillfully operate the “L/R” key and “Fire” button, positioning the Drunken Sheriff to shoot down the items thrown out by the Bartender while he avoids the apples and ashtrays being thrown at him by the Angry Customers in the bar. When the Drunken Sheriff has successfully shot down 20 items, the scene shifts and the Desperado enters the bar. In the gunfight which ensues, the Drunken Sheriff must gun down the Desperado three times, at which point, the player moves to the next highest skill level. Imagine yourself in a Western Bar in the old west. So set yourself on back there, draw that six-gun and get ready for some real fancy shooting.

How to play the game
1. Press “Start Game” button. A game-starting melody will be heard. The highest previous score reached will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. The Drunken Sheriff will signal the start of the game by firing two shots. Hit 20 items which the Bartender throws, then win three gunfights with the Desperado and you’ll be able to move up to the next skill level.

2. This game consists of three play patterns, which make up each level. There are ten levels of increasing difficulty for you to try.

3. Using the “L/R” key, move the Drunken Sheriff back and forth to avoid the objects thrown by the angry customers. Press the “Fire” button enables the Drunken Sheriff to shoot at the items being thrown by the Bartender. A musical tone and a picture of a shattered bottle, plate of glass indicates when is hit. Hitting more than one item with a single shot scores extra points. Hitting three items at once, a bonus bottle will appear. Shoot that bottle, too, and bonus points will be added.

4. When 20 items are shot down by the Drunken Sheriff, the scene changes. The Desperado’s spurs will be heard jingling as he walks to the swinging doors. Hear the hinges of the door creak as he steps inside. The Desperado slides behind the corner of the bar as the Sheriff dives for cover behind a table. The Desperado jumps from behind the corner of the bar and fires at the Sheriff. Your job is to use the “Fire” button and your fast reflexes to get the Desperado before he gets the Sheriff! That table is only good for cover three times, so shoot fast and make those shots count. When the Sheriff has hit the Desperado three times, a victory tune is played and the Sheriff dances a little jig. A new pattern will begin.

5. In the second and third patterns of each level, dynamite sticks will be flying through the air. Shooting a dynamite stick counts as a fail. In the second pattern, the dynamites stick fly from left to right and off the screen. But watch out in the third pattern. That Bartender will catch the dynamite and throw it at the feet of the Drunken Sheriff. The only way to douse the burning wick is with the whiskey in the bottle carried by the Drunken Sheriff. Keep pumping on the right side of the “L/R” key to dump out the whiskey, but be quick.


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