US Army Training Mission Game

US Army Training Mission Game

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The best of army and military trainings in schools game is here to enjoy army trainings duty and offroad SUV drivings in one game.

Basic Combats Trainings (also known as Initial Entry Trainings). It is informally known as Boots and is the program to clear assault courses in army basic physical and mental trainings. It is required in order for you to become a soldier in the Army, Reserves, or Army Nationals Guard. Basic course is designed to be highly intense by following drill sergeant's instructions & chain of commands and is challenging which many can’t absorb. Coach your superior life in the Exhibit fitness with physical and mental trainings. As a trainee officers, you must acquire the skills of running fast, jumping through hurdles and take instructors drills sergeants first calls. Clear military camps by passing the commando battalions test in this action filled mission game.

Escape the US army in high schools trainings life. Become a soldier from simple citizen by passing initial entry in for combat. You have to complete all obstacles courses of this boots camps to qualify as a armed forces soldiers in for stealths operation. Starting from schedule you live your life by it. You have to be at the grounds at early mornings for physical to step into shoes of a commando and to make your mind up to be one of the tough guy to protect the state in the future. It is not only intense assaults course, get ready to be taken into the coldest nights, across the hot deserts, dense forest, obstacle course, hikings on muddy rough inclined mountains where you have to survive. Just become face worlds armed forces chain to prove which country forces are topmost. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by passing special operations forces course and to not let your country and humiliate. Stay in a mode to test your mental and physical fitness. Trainee will do running,action, swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing to enhance your Marines soldier and secrets agent skills. Show Elite agents skills to be a hero once to graduate as a soldier, prove your skills while competing with the forces.

Army SUV Drivings Mode:

Grab steering of wheeler suv in Up Hill with toughest steep hill and treacherous bumpy track. Drive Jeep to show your climb powers and racings stunts to get a free race license. Just keep performing the ultimate drivings duty to off road resorts. Take extra driving care. You have to be a very active and a smart driver at the bases and camps. Drive suv in best simulation games, sit behind heavy truck to climb tallest mountains. Take the toughest job of rusty driver.

Game Features:

* Real schools obstacles and course simulation missions.
* Real driving course game
* 4x4 drivings with cockpit view and animated Hands driving experience.
* Realistic military trainings like swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing
* Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls
* Amazing Trainings in academy environment with HD Graphics
* Play as Real trainee cadets to test your skills.

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