Bento Fujiyama Tamagoyaki

Bento Fujiyama Tamagoyaki



"Bento Fujiyama Tamagoyaki" is still well known to be a legendary game published on Mac, and it's coming back from under the floor !

"The tear-jerking simulation of an outstanding near bankrupt lunch box shop!

The game takes place in the nostalgic Showa era. In a "Town" somewhere with its factories and houses, there is a outstanding near bankrupt lunch box shop
"Restaurant with very few orders", which is really near bankrupt...

Would standard lunch box sell better, or would peculiar creations sell better.

To not lose against the chain-store "Boka-Boka lunch box" which has gained ground, you'll have to trial and error new lunch boxes with part-timer.
What means the mysterious word "Armage-Don"left behind by the predecessor.

●A new game really means new game ! "This Wonderful lunch box two or three times" is. It's not only the name. Under the floor is even Arietty.

The legendary simulation game which has impressed Mac users in the past with its avant-garde hand drawn graphics and its mysterious universe, is really an impressive game.

【It's maybe this kind of game】

・Create lunch boxes which look tasty and sell them to town's customers.

・Everyone have different tastes for lunch boxes. In this world you can't sell lunch box so easily. It's a lunch box simulation after all.

・It's made by calculating calories of games older than 10 years, so it's amazing isn't it.

・You can freely arrange food with taps and swipes. It becomes art when it overflows from the lunch box.

・This world is about eat or be eaten. To not lose against other stores, you'll have to distribute flyers, hire chindon-ya,
draw customers by force in your shop, or set a dog to disturb other shops,

You're asking us if we don't feel guilty. Well, we'll think about it when we'll be rich. Lunch boxes future is brillant.

・A nostalgic world we have all seen somewhere. Yes, this is the dramatic Showa.

Even in the in-shop simulation, it's even simulating a lodger doing side-job whithout satisfaction under the floor.

You can even enjoy waiting time with this kind game design.

Sell and sell, and if the lunch box angel is smiling, you could even create an Armage-Don.

【Contains 3 scenarios】

・"Annals of the Three Lunch Box Kingdoms" (An easy introduction where your shop is in competition against other shops with the same situation. A game mode for beginner players)

・"Blues in rainy days" ( A short decisive battle focused on chasing the big customers. You'll not even have the time to wipe your tears. A game mode for normal players)

・"Destroy the One-Shop domination" (You'll start as a shop in a chain-store, And increase your sales to do a grand-slam you biggy lunch box! A game mode for advanced players)

・There is also hidden scenario.


Some minor bugs have been fixed.













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