Demolition Derby Xtreme Racing

Demolition Derby Xtreme Racing

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Are you ready to enjoy demolition derby xtreme racing ? Fasten your seat belt and sit tight to win demolition derby xtreme racing. Just hit hard & reckless all other derby cars, crash them and destruction rivals derby drivers to crash them while damaging to your own vehicle, hit hard again and again until you win alone at derby racing track. Drag other derby cars in addition push your rivals off the track to win the car crash derby death race. Speed up your car & truck and enjoy with amazing car crash stunts. Demolition derby extreme car racing is an adventure and action packed vehicle destruction game, where your car driving skills are tested to the extreme level with furious driving to recklessness.

Those who love performing high level car stunts, fast driving, dangerous turns and multiple hurdles. Xtreme car racing stunts arena challenge begins with an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving and truck stunt. Go against hurdles, car crashing, high jumps and speed racing. Always try to crash rival cars from side & rear. A reckless face-to-face crashes and avoid to stop your engine if extreme damage caused. There are many twist and turns on all tracks so be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate survival test against all opponents with your demolition derby xtreme car driving skills.

Be a fearless stuntman to perform breathtaking car stunts on various challenging levels. Drag your car all the way to the stadium and let’s bash! Have fun demolishing and destruction your opponents, but understand that the game is an amazing racing car driving simulation of the real game in this demolition derby simulator car damaging and how you demolish other cars.

Get exposure to several game-play levels with demolition derby xtreme car driving and 3d stunts. The real challenging gameplay missions will make you drive with demolition derby xtreme speed and perform car stunts. Prove yourself as the real stuntman and perform massive jumps and survive the immense task. All drivers start in opposite directions and the goal is to demolish the other cars, trucks and be the car winner standing to win the race. You can also drive on race and speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge and experience.

Demolition Derby Xtreme Car Racing 3D Game Features:

• Daring wrecking high speed racing adventure
• Realistic car destruction, crash and damage
• Real Car Physics and smooth driving controls
• Variety of Amazing car models and heavy trucks
• Realistic Driving Experience of cars & trucks
• Smooth Controls, Engine & hydraulic Brakes
• Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments & sound effects

So what are you waiting for? Download the “Demolition Derby Xtreme Car Racing” 3D Game and enjoy the experience of real destruction & crashing in 2017 adventures driving simulator game.


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