EscapeGame Dr.Ichie Challenge

EscapeGame Dr.Ichie Challenge

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Escape game
Dr. Ichie's letter of the CALLENGE!

Dr.Ichie which projects the world conquest!
Dr.Ichie bothered many plans for you.
Dr.Ichie where many plans were disturbed by you
I show a tusk to you at last!
... that you who were caught by Dr.Ichie have been shut in a room!
Can you escape from the trap of Dr.Ichie?

How to play (^ ^) /-----------------------------

[Tap] it's checked.
A tap do a doubtful place, please.

[Arrow tap] movement
When a tap does an arrow in left and right, a screen can change and move.

[Item] -> [doubtful place tap]
When an item is acquired, it's kept in the item list in the bottom.When a tap does the item you'd like to use, and a tap does appropriate

[Item]->[magnifying glass] item details
An item, when a tap chooses, and makes some magnifying glass buttons the right.Details of an item can see.
※ It's possible to choose and use a different item on the item in-depth screen.

[Gear button] (system button)
A sound effect and BGM can be controlled.A language can be also changed.
But,...... is quite doubtful for English....

After downloading a game by some model, when a game is begun for the first time.
It may take time for a load of an asset (the data of a picture).A logo of "unity" may be indicated lengthily.That it's long, several minute...
When you wait a moment, a game begins.
please restart of a game or carrying in a too long case, it starts smoothly.
(There are no these loads by the 2nd time of game play.)
Please, I think when you'd accept it.

A game is light-weight and easy and I'm aiming at a thick thing.
I'll also advance game making everybody can enjoy comfortably.
Thank you...and...sorry my English...(>


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