Truck Simulator PRO 2018

Truck Simulator PRO 2018

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NEW Truck Simulator Pro 2017 -2018

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Start the engine and feel the power of huge trucks while driving through US cities and roads in this advanced truck simulator. Build and expand your transporting empire by unlocking new trucks, hiring other drivers and exploring new cities.

Avoid collisions and speeding tickets, keep track of the fuel consumption and fatigue in order to always deliver your cargo on time. Push your endurance, skills and speed to the limit and become the best trucker - the king of the US roads.

Want to take a truck and race it in amazing locations? Do you want to test your racing skills unlike never before and refine them? Truck Simulator is a stunning game that helps you do all of that and so much more!

What makes Truck Simulator special is the fact that it offers a simple, yet refined race that and you can easily change the number of laps if you want. The experience is customizable and the graphics are really exciting all the time, something you will enjoy for sure.

With this game no two races will be the same, as the clever AI will always try to deliver the best outcome and thus you have to be on your toes all the time. You will get the opportunity to explore amazing gameplay opportunities!

If you always wanted to race a truck on a great race track filled with dangers, then Truck Simulator is the game for you. It offers a wonderful gameplay and a fun experience that you should definitely be a part of. You will love the way races influence your skill, so don’t hesitate to be a part of this amazing world, download this game right now!


•Transport a variety of cargos across different US cities
•Own, customize and upgrade trucks including American and European classics
•Hire other drivers to earn additional money
•Drive across the USA and explore different cities and routes
•Advance and unlock new missions with different cargo and better payouts
•Realistic fuel consumption, truck and cargo collisions which affect your wage
•Experience open world gameplay and compete with your friends in global rankings
•Beautiful graphics
•Realistic truck simulator
•Set the desired number of laps
•Dedicated soundtrack
•Easy to understand mechanics


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