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How good is YOUR color vision? COLOR BALL● tests your ability to see subtle differences in colors within a minute- please keep yourself focused!

It is a simple but challenging game where you have to spot out the odd colored ball among others. You have a minute to spot out as many as you can, and achieve as many scores as you can. Try not to be confused by the color balls again and again- if so, you can use the tools to help you. Yet, keep in mind that your tools are limited.

1. 3 Tools available: stop the clock, triple the score and highlight the odd colored ball.
2. Leaderboard and achievement available to "fight with" your friends and the whole world.
3. And some more...............!!! Try it and you will know!

What's new

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1. New user interface
2. Fix bugs

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  • File Size: 4.64MB
  • Current Version: 2
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: Pearappx

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