Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: Memories

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It is the 1st of August.
Upon awakening, you find yourself without any memories from before August 1st. Everything, from the sort of life you lived to the relationships you had, is a complete blank.
A young boy named Orion appears in front of you, revealing himself to be a spirit attached to your mind. Under Orion's guidance, you begin the struggle to regain your memories...

Blunt ∙ Earnest < Heart >
Shin (VA: Tetsuya Kakihara)
Your childhood friend and current boyfriend. He is only 18 years old, but has a very serious and cold demeanor that frequently causes conflicts with others his age. Oftentimes, he appears aloof and indifferent, but he is actually very affectionate and cares deeply for you. He is a senior in high school, and is currently preparing for university entrance exams. He is also Toma's childhood friend.

Alluring ∙ Fascinating < Spade >
Ikki (VA: Kisho Taniyama)
Ikki has a unique condition that causes women to become enamored with him upon sight. He is 22 years old and is currently enrolled in a nearby university. Having given up on a genuine relationship, he lives the life of a playboy, indulging in the transient pleasures it brings. However, he becomes very close to you after he discovers his “eyes” have no effect on your emotions toward him. Despite his looks and popularity, Ikki is really a kind and sincere man. He is a good friend of Kent’s, a graduate student who attends the same university.

Cool ∙ Logical < Clover >
Kent (VA: Akira Ishida)
A highly intelligent, 25-year-old mathematics graduate student, Kent sees the world from a purely objective point of view. He is normally very confident in his convictions and in the results of his relentless analysis of others; however, it seems as if he is unable to maintain the same composure when he is around you. His tendency to logically dissect every action makes him a difficult companion, especially among females. He is a good friend of Ikki’s, who competes with him in solving overly complex math puzzles.

Affectionate ∙ Intense < Diamond >
Toma (VA: Satoshi Hino)
Toma is a 20-year-old law student at the university you both attend. Being your oldest friend from childhood, he has naturally assumed the role of your big brother. Toma has always kept an eye on you from a close distance, and takes on the responsibility of caring for you after you collapse on the road outside of your apartment. His desire to protect you is extremely strong, to the point that his mental state can become unpredictable... He is also a childhood friend of Shin’s.

Mysterious ∙ Enigmatic < Joker >
Ukyo (VA: Kouki Miyata)
A strange young man who appears unexpectedly. He gives you mysterious warnings, and disappears again without explanation. Whether he wants to protect you or harm you is unclear.

Friend ∙ Protector
Orion (VA: Yumi Igarashi)
A spirit from a distant world. His outward appearance looks to the human eye as a 10-year-old boy. On his way to run a short errand in the human world, he crashes into you and becomes trapped inside your mind. He supports you in order to fulfill your mutual goal of regaining your memories.

How to Play
After the opening movie, the title screen will be shown. To play a new game, select “NEW GAME.” To continue your current game, select “CONTINUE.” If you’d like to select another story, select “CHAPTER.” After clearing the prologue, four different stories will become available.


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    从psp到psv到steam上买了pc英文版 姑且算是失忆症的热衷粉丝了(其实是toma的热衷粉丝x)

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    平行世界的设定大幅缩短了共通线加长了个人线 不会被otomate社一向冗长的共通线磨的心力憔悴(以wof1为最甚)

    剧情优秀 人物塑造优秀 虽然是花邑舞老师早期的画风 但依然精良 ui设计亮眼 bgm优秀 如果想要打发时间不妨试一试这部乙女向游戏中的精品

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      我也喜欢toma啊啊啊 为什么玩不了

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    失忆症!!超级无敌非常好玩的乙女游戏!!!!玩的时候选项一定要谨慎!!这关系到你的结局!【想当初我玩toma线玩到半夜四点结果是bad end!!!】非常值得一玩!另外失忆症出了2和3!这是psp游戏,2有汉化3目前没有,2说的是交往后的生活,3是结婚,强烈推荐!!




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