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** Featured globally on the Google Play Store – Best New Game **
Monster Castle is the world’s No.1 vertical tower defense and strategy game. Join the millions of players around the globe who are already enjoying this unique new take on competitive strategy! It's time to customize! Update to the latest version to find an amazing variety of skins to make your castle look just the way you want it. You can also now upgrade your Hero Throne to Level 19 and find rare resources and equipment in the new Black Market. And don't forget to take the war pledge in the Alliance system and fight for the glory of conquest!
Enter a surprising new world of charming, original characters and have the time of your life as you make it to the top of the leaderboards!
● Exciting daily missions: make your castle stronger every day by collecting Gold, filling your Wine Barrel, and much more!
● PvP strategy: test out different strategies and discover a hidden trove of clever battle tactics.
● Fight opponents worldwide: join an alliance and wage war against players from countless countries.
● Easy to learn, hard to master.
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NOTE: Monster Castle is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

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  • File Size: 78.74MB
  • Current Version:
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited
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Android:8.3 iOS:8.6
  • 桐生一马
    Played game for 1 hours 8 minutes


  • 卡尔安格斯
    Played game for 44 hours 10 minutes



    打个厉害的玩家或者打个难度大的副本,兵全送掉很正常,造个兵五分钟,本来想着切到后台,看看段子看看视频美滋滋,结果切回游戏要重新加载?excuse me?那你叫我这五分钟造兵时间对着屏幕干吗?开发人员想过没这种显而易见的问题没,测试游戏的时候这几分钟测试员是怎么利用的,求教。


  • 人去空尘世悲
    Played game for 57 minutes

    好好玩的策略游戏 我玩了20多天了 前几天一直单机没跟人交流也没去看攻略 走了很多歪路 我在这里提醒下啦让大家少走歪路 首先主要升级金库然后升级宫殿有酒还有升级空位可以升级酒库 有出新的防御建筑就升级 前期千万别升级金矿酒窖还有英雄王座 因为没用😂😂😂我后悔我恨啊现在的我就是先把那个等级里可以升级的东西都升级了在升级宫殿的让我有了删号的冲动😂还有前期玩兽人不错 主要研究闪电和兽人 魔法有空位就升级吧 防御的话随心吧 毕竟套路太多了就不说了 我玩不就只知道这些啦 字数有点多了

  • interesting
    Played game for 54 minutes


  • 前海游戏
    Played game for 1 hours 49 minutes


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